About CaterCow


Founded in 2012 by two of the first Airbnb employees and a disillusioned Wall Street banker, CaterCow helps you discover and order a wide range of local catering options with the click of a button. From taco bars to cakepops, CaterCow provides a consistent & reliable ordering experience.

It all started when Chris and Carly met while working for Airbnb as two of the first employees. After leaving they recognized the catering industry was suffering from a similar problem the vacation rental industry had suffered prior to Airbnb. Once they tested their initial idea they met Sean who was burned out by Wall Street and hungry to help build a food tech company. Together they transformed CaterCow into a thriving business by scaling sales and operations.

CaterCow has served hundreds of thousands of happy customers in New York City, Boston, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.